Copper Earth Rod Clamp

“U” Earth Clamp
May 28, 2021
Plate Type Test Clamp
May 28, 2021

Copper Earth Rod Clamp


Product description

An Earth Clamp also known as "A" Clamp or "G" Clamp (Rod To Tape Clamp) connects the lead out cable from the energiser to an earth rod.

The earth clamp guarantees a secure connection between the energiser and earthing system for optimum electrical conductivity.

Ensures optimum electrical conductivity.


"A" Clamp / "G" Clamp

Item CodeEarth Rod + Copper Tape Size
DSSB-EA-BAC253Ø 5/8" + 25mm X 3mm
DSSB-EA-BAC25506Ø 1" + 50mm x 6mm (x2)
Ø 3/4" + 50mm x 6mm (x3)
Ø 5/8" + 50mm x 6mm (x4)
Ø 1" + 25mm x 3mm (x4)
Ø 3/4" + 25mm x 3mm (x4)
Ø 5/8" + 25mm x 3mm (x4)

May 28, 2021
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