Aluminium Cable Glands

Alco Type G Cable Glands ( Nickel Plated)
May 20, 2021
PG Cable Gland (PG-Thread)
May 21, 2021

Aluminium Cable Glands


Product Description

Standard : BS 6121

Size : 20 mm to 90 mm S & L

IP Rating : IP66

Material : Aluminium

Finishing : Natural Aluminium Finish

Application : For indoor or outdoor use with all types of SWA cable

Operating Temp : Standard seals -20oC to +80oC

Function : CW type glands provide a seal on the outer sheath and an armour specific armour clamp for the armoured cable. The armour clamp provides an electrical bond between the armour cable and the gland.

Item CodeGland SizeThread Size
'C' Metric
Minimum Length
Of Thread 'D'
Cable Range
Max 'A'Max 'B'
DSSB-CG-AL-20SCW 20SM201011.8015.80
DSSB-CG-AL-20LCW 20LM201014.0020.80
DSSB-CG-AL-25SCW 25SM251018.0024.00
DSSB-CG-AL-25LCW 25LM251020.0027.20
DSSB-CG-AL-32SCW 32SM321024.5031.00
DSSB-CG-AL-32LCW 32LM321026.3033.50
DSSB-CG-AL-40SCW 40SM401530.4038.50
DSSB-CG-AL-40LCW 40LM401532.2040.00
DSSB-CG-AL-50SCW 50SM501538.2046.30
DSSB-CG-AL-50LCW 50LM501544.0052.60
DSSB-CG-AL-63SCW 63SM631550.0059.00
DSSB-CG-AL-63LCW 63LM631556.0065.30
DSSB-CG-AL-75SCW 75SM501562.0017.60
DSSB-CG-AL-75LCW 75LM751568.0078.00
DSSB-CG-AL-90SCW 90SM902084.0096.00
DSSB-CG-AL-90LCW 90LM902084.00102.00

*All Dimension are in Millimeters (mm)