Binding Clip F-Type Heavy Duty Type

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April 29, 2022
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July 4, 2022

Binding Clip F-Type Heavy Duty Type


Product Description

Stainless Steel Binding Clip for Copper Tape/Strip

Binding Clips F-Type (Heavy Duty) is manufactured by using stainless steel (SS304/ SS316) as it's main material because it has high tensile strength and good conductivity. Copper tape/strip that are used as supports will not be affected by the binding clips in used.

This type of copper tape/strip holder have been widely used in many TNB's electrical power station and substations throughout Malaysia, Sarawak (SESCO), Sabah.(SESB) and also in many privately own Electrical Power Stations / Substations.



ConductorItem CodeSize
Copper Bar
(F Type Binding Clip)
DSSB-EA-BC130501850mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm)
DSSB-EA-BC130521250mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x12mm hole (for bolt size 10mm)
DSSB-EA-BC130251825mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm)
DSSB-EA-BC130251225mm(W)x3mm.(thk)x12mm hole (for bolt size 10mm)
DSSB-EA-BC130251825mm(W)x3mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm)
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