Brass Cable Glands “E1W” Type – Double Compression Glands

Wiping Glands
May 20, 2021
A2 DC Weatherproof Type Cable Gland
May 20, 2021

Brass Cable Glands “E1W” Type – Double Compression Glands


Product Description

Standard : BS 3121 , IEC 62444 , EN 62444 , EN 50262

Size : 20 mm to 100 mm S & L

IP Rating : IP65

Material : Brass BS 2874 , CZ 121 , Pb3

Finishing : Natural Brass Finish , Nickel Finish

Application : For indoor or outdoor use with all types of SWA Cable

Operating Temp : Standard seals -20oC to +80oC

Function : E1W type glands provide a seal on the inner sheath, a seal on the outer sheath and an armour specific armour clamp for the armoured cable. The armour clamp provides an electrical bond between the armour cable and the gland.

Accessories : Lock Nut, Earth Tag, PVC\LSF Shroud, Nylon Washer

Item CodeGland SizeThread Size
'C' Metric
Minimum Length
Of Thread 'D'
Cable Range
Cable Range
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-20SE1W 20SM201511.78.81611.8
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-20LE1W 20LM20151411.420.814
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-25SE1W 25SM251516132418
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-25LE1W 25LM25152017.327.420.3
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-32SE1W 32SM321023203124.5
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-32LE1W 32LM321526.324.233.526.5
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-40SE1W 40SM401529263630.4
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-40LE1W 40LM401532.129.54033.2
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-50SE1W 50SM501538.13346.540
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-50LE1W 50LM5015443852.644
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-63SE1W 63SM632050.5445950
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-63LE1W 63LM632056506656
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-75SE1W 75SM502062567163
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-75LE1W 75LM752068.5627869
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-90E1W 90M902080659684
DSSB-CG-BSE1W-100E1W 100M10020908210284