A2 DC Weatherproof Type Cable Gland

Brass Cable Glands “E1W” Type – Double Compression Glands
May 20, 2021
Brass Cable Glands “CW” Type c/w Lock Nut
May 20, 2021

A2 DC Weatherproof Type Cable Gland


Product Description

Standard :

• BS EN 62444 : 2013

IP Rating :

• IP65.

Material :

• Brass, Alternating Material - Stainless Steel / Aluminium.

• Sealing Ring - Neoprene Rubber.

Finishing :

• Nickle Plated ( Standard ), Alternative Plating - Tin/Cadmium/Chrome.

Thread :

• Glands are supplied with B.S.C. thread (ET) as standard.

• Alternative thread Form - NPT/PG/BSP/MM etc.

Accessories :

• Shroud, Serrated Washer & Earth Tag are supplied separately and should be specified when ordering the gland.

Specification :

• Gland consist of Locknut (1), Washer (2), Armour Clamping Nut (3), Neoprene Inner Ring (4),

• Gland Body (5), Neoprene Outer Ring (6), Skid Washer (7) & Outer Seal Nut (8).

• All metal parts are made of brass accurately machined for ease of assembly.

Item Code A & B
Cable Range (Dia.) mm
Entry ThreadE
(Across Flat)
(Across Corner)
Min Max C (Inches) D (mm)
DSSB-A2DC-CBW01SS (UN)5.013.03/4''15.021.524.5
DSSB-A2DC-CBW01S (UN)12.614.53/4''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW01A (UN)14.618.01''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW02 (UN)18.120.01''15.031.536.5
DSSB-A2DC-CBW03SP (UN)20.123.0M2815.032.037.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW04A (UN)22.626.01.1/4''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW06SP (UN)30.133.0M4015.047.054.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW07SP (UN)33.136.0M4215.052.058.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW08 (UN)36.141.02''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW09 (UN)41.144.02''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW10A (UN)44.152.02''20.066.577.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW11SP (UN)56.160.0M7020.080.092.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW12 (UN)60.166.03''
DSSB-A2DC-CBW13A (UN)66.168.03''20.090.0103.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW13 (UN)''20.098.0113.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW14 (UN)''20.0105.0122.0
DSSB-A2DC-CBW15 (UN)81.090.04''20.0117.0135.0