Concrete Cable Route Marker (Square)

Concrete Cable Marker – Round
March 21, 2021
Hybrid Cable Slab
March 21, 2021

Concrete Cable Route Marker (Square)

Item Code Size Weight
TS (Top Side) H (Height) B (Base)
DSSB-CSM-CCMS300 125 mm 300 mm 175 mm 15 kg
DSSB-CSM-CCMS400 100 mm 400 mm 150 mm 18 kg
DSSB-CSM-CCMS510 80 mm 610 mm 100 mm 20 kg


Product Description

Concrete Cable Route Markers (square) are mainly used to help identify and locate electrical cables and other electrical utilities that are buried underground. They can also be used together with cable slabs to mark boundaries and other reference points.

All power cable and fiber optic cable routes shall be provided with identification markers of a permanent material and of an approved type, so as to indicate the locations of cables and joints.

Where cables are laid direct in ground, cable route markers shall be provided at intermediate points along the route not more than 50 meters apart and at all points where trench changes direction and branches-off.

This concrete cable route markers (square) comes in two (2) types of surfaces:

  • Symbols / Wording directly imprinted on the concrete cable route marker surface. ( Symbol / Wording Limited )
  • Aluminum plate or stainless steel plate implanted into the concrete cable route marker surface . ( Symbol / Wording )

(Note : Stainless Steel Plate surface can be in Mirror Finish or Hairline Finish)



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