Concrete Joint Marker

Cable Hump 2 Channel
March 21, 2021
Concrete Cable Marker – Round
March 21, 2021

Concrete Joint Marker


Product Description

The Concrete Joint Marker is made from concrete, reinforced with steel rods to provide higher durability and mechanical properties. They are mainly used to help indicate and identify any underground utilities including electric cables, water pipes, gas pipes or fiber optic cables. Hence, accidental incidents can be prevented while undergoing any industrial works that involves digging. Buried depth for the cable marker is recommended at 250 mm.

Recommended Size of Marker Label (engrave lettering) should be 115 mm x 100 mm (Aluminium Plate).


Item CodeSizeWeight
TS (Top Side)H (Height)B (Base)T (Thickness)
DSSB-CSM-CJM781194 mm781 mm375 mm75 mm32 kg
DSSB-CSM-CJM200200 mm700 mm200 mm85 mm24 kg



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