Copper Tape

Earth Boss
May 28, 2021
Driving Head
May 28, 2021

Copper Tape


Product Description

Copper foil/tape is extensively used in cable industry, printed circuit board, heat exchanger, radiator, switchgear industry, transformers and among many other appliances.

Product Benefits

** Excellent Electrical and Thermal Conductivity ** Excellent Weldability and Formability ** Excellent Resistance to Corrosion

Item Code Size
DSSB-EA-CT253 25X3mm
DSSB-EA-CT256 25x6mm
DSSB-EA-CT503 50X3mm
DSSB-EA-CT504 50x4mm
DSSB-EA-CT505 50x5mm
DSSB-EA-CT506 50x6mm
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