Discharger Stick For The Electrostatic Tensions

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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Discharger Stick For The Electrostatic Tensions


Product Description

Static discharge sticks are designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energising of medium/high voltage power systems – this includes draining voltage retaining components before maintenance work is performed up to 66kV. The discharge sticks are equipped with hand guard and grip protection with sufficient electrical safety clearance against physical contact with medium/high voltages.

The kit consists of:

** Insulating stick in fiberglass. Made of one single part with length. 2 m with shaped working head, hook/tip in stainless steel. End stop and rubber hand-guard.

** Copper cable, section 16 mm2 length. 3 m covered with transparent silicon sheath.

** Earth clamp in aluminium alloy with screw tightening on cylindrical conductors, flat bars and fxed points up to Ø 25 mm. Rubber handle.

Note: available on demand different configurations

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