Distribution Earth Leads

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September 5, 2022
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September 6, 2022

Distribution Earth Leads


Product Description

Earth leads are produced from multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium with an extruded PVC sheath, either in clear or opaque 'arctic' orange grade to protect the cable from damage.

Standard Distribution Line Earthing kits utilise 50sqmm and 120sqmm Aluflex leads, 120sqmm is used for the phase leads, and the down lead is generally 50sqmm. Leads are carefully manufactured at our factory and tested rigorously throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance.


Product Benefit.

  • High visibility
  • Less expensive than copper
  • Light and flexible
  • Less vulnerable to copper theft
  • Available in any lengths on request



    Item codeShort Circuit RatingCont. Current RatingSize (sqmm)
    DSSB-DLE- PEE-50EL8.9 kA/1s15 A50 sqmm
    DSSB-DLE-PEE-120EL20 kA/1s300 A120 sqmm