Earth End Clamps CE10/A2

Operating Poles for Transmission
February 24, 2022
Line End Clamps CE69
March 31, 2022

Earth End Clamps CE10/A2


Product Description

Our portable transmission line earth clamps are suitable for temporary earthing of transmission line conductors within the range 132kV, 275kV and 400kV. Full portable earths are also available with Aluflex leads and Line end clamps.

CE10/A2 transmission line earth end clamps are for direct application by hand to steelwork. The large thumbscrew of the device has a captive hardened steel tip which penetrates through painted, weathered or non-conductive surfaces and indents into the steel work, ensuring a strong connection to earth potential.


Product Benefits

  • ** Solid construction to give extended service
  • ** Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
  • ** Lightweight and good corrosion resistance
  • ** Short circuit of continuous current tested



    Item CodeShort Circuit RatingCont. Current Rating