Earthing & Short Circuit Device For Bare MV Overhead

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October 17, 2022
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January 9, 2023

Earthing & Short Circuit Device For Bare MV Overhead




The device enables a single linesman to :

check for the absence of voltage.
  • earth and short-circuit overhead lines at heights of up to 11.50 m.

  • For work from the ground to heights up to 11.5 m.

  • Max. allowable Isc : 8 kA/1s
  • Clamping range on cylindrical conductors from 3 mm to 22 mm in diameter (7 to 380 mm²)
  • Telescopic metal sticks fitted with collars for quick, calibrated clamping, with integrated cleaning rings,
  • 3-section foam-filled fiberglass insulating sticks, type IEC 60855, with reinforced slot-in joints,
  • Optional insulating extension to reach 11.5m,
  • Can fit the voltage tester to the bottom of the metal stick before earthing, (voltage tester optional)
  • Removable clamp and stick bottom Nominal voltage up to 36kV.


    CEI 60855 / EN 50508 / IEC 61230 / DIN VDE680 / EDF-SPS n°CK 18-S-422


    Earthing & Short Circuit Device For Bare MV Overhead

    Item CodeDescription
    DSSB-DLE-PA3GTIComplete set of equipment with 2-section metal sticks

    This set contains the following products :
  • 2-section telescopic metal sticks L 5.45 m / 2.20 m
  • Upper section of insulating stick
  • Lower section of insulating stick
  • Lower insulating stick extension, length 1,6 m
  • Guide socket
  • Cable reel with 3 x 10 m of copper braid, 35 mm² and an earthing clamp
  • Soft plastic-coated canvas cover
  • Hexagonal earthing rod 1 m Ø 18 mm


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