GC Cable Cleats-Single Power Cable

Single Hole Cable Cleats-A
March 20, 2021
Cable Cleat Base
March 20, 2021

GC Cable Cleats-Single Power Cable


Product Description

The GC Cable Cleats are made out of low density polythene which provides properties such as, incredible resistance to sunlight and bad weather conditions. This cable cleat is suitable for low voltage(LV), medium voltage(MV) , and high voltage(HV) cables. The installation of the single hole cable cleat - GC is fairly simple and easy to be installed as it requires a single bolt fixing.

Item CodeCable Dia. (mm)
DSSB-CC-SPC158-211 5/8"
DSSB-CC-SPC158-311 5/8"
DSSB-CC-SPC114-211 1/4"
DSSB-CC-SPC114-311 1/4"

Note: Other combinations can be specailly ordered.

  • 21 = 2 in 1
  • 31 = 3 in 1

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