Ground/Earthing Enhancement Material

Tinned Copper Earth Link Bar
January 12, 2017
Wire Grip (Come Along Tong) (Made: Japan) with Patented Twist Grip
May 22, 2017

Ground/Earthing Enhancement Material



A Superior conductive material that improves grounding effectiveness, especially in areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils):

• Effective.
• Permanent.
• Environmentally Friendly.
• Significantly extends the life of grounding systems.
• Save time & money.
• Protect grounding system from the theft.
• Maintenance free.
• Comply to IEEE 837

Convenient to Install:
• Available in convenient 11.3 kg (25 lb) bags - (Minimum Order 6 bags).
• Can be installed dry or mixed in a slurry and installed wet
• Can be installed simply by one person.
• May enable reduction in the size of a grounding system where conventional methods are unsatisfactory.
Item Code Weight
DSSB-EA-GEM 11kg/bag (25lbs)
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