Handle Clamp

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June 3, 2021
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June 3, 2021

Handle Clamp


Product Description

Handle clamp is one of the important accessories used to securely lock the graphite mold together.
The clamp will keep the graphite mold together without opening until the welding process is completed. It can be unlocked easily after completion of work.
There are many types of the handle clamp which is suitable for each type of graphite mold such as Type HCC , HCD (most common ) , HCB , HCC-X and HCD-X.

Clamp Model

a) HCC Clamp

  • Type HCC handle clamp are use with 85 x 85 x 120 mm up to 82 x 110 x 170 mm. size mold and can be used to weld 16-150 mm2 of conductor /cable.

  • b) HCD Handle Clamp

  • Type HCD handle clamp are use with 110 x 110 x 190 mm or bigger size mold and can accommodate conductor/cable connection of size 185mm2 and above.

    c) HCC-X Handle Clamp
    d) HCD-X Handle Clamp

  • This code is used with chain ''X'' to Clamp the same mold size of code: HCC and HCD.
  • These types will hold the mold in two directions, i.e. horizontal and vertical position.

    e) Type HCB-X Handle clamp

  • This code is used with chain ''X'' to clamp 62 x 62 x 110 mm up to 62 x 62 x 130 mm size mold and can be used to connect to sling wire with earthing rod/ pipe / springs of 50 mm.sq. size area.