HV Suspension Clamp

HV Dead End Clamp
June 8, 2021
HV Triangular Bracket c/w Bolt/Nut/Washer
June 8, 2021

HV Suspension Clamp


Product Description

The High Voltage(HV) Suspension Clamp is designed to provide support for medium voltage(MV) aerial bundle cables(ABC) system that is used to control and prevent any damage from wind-induced vibration and to also protect the conductor directly during the installation load. The suspension clamp provides a safe mechanical connection even in harsh environment and withstand high humid temperature. It is suitable to hold and suspend up to 11kV and 33kV MV ABC by using a 50mm² galvanized stranded messenger steel wire to support the MV ABC. The HV suspension clamp is capable of withstanding a minimum breaking load of 20kN or 2039kg force for time limit of 60 seconds.



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