HV Triangular Bracket c/w Bolt/Nut/Washer

HV Suspension Clamp
June 8, 2021
HV Insulator
June 8, 2021

HV Triangular Bracket c/w Bolt/Nut/Washer


Product Description

The High Voltage(HV) Triangular Bracket also known as a 90 degree angled bracket is shaped like an ''L'' that are usually used to join and to provide support for the attached HV suspension clamp used to suspend the aerial bundled cables(ABC) onto a concrete pole. The triangular bracket is mostly screwed in to be more secured. Our product is specifically made for outdoor use with being able to withstand high humidity, heavy rainfall and an annual temperature of 30°C. Accessories such as bolt, nuts and washers comes together with the triangular bracket.



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