Shielded Cables Termination Kit

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August 18, 2021
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September 22, 2021

Shielded Cables Termination Kit


Product Description

Each 3M Quick Term II series kits will handle a wide range of cable and conductor sizes. There is the option to choose skirted or tubular and conversion from single core to three core and inverted applications. The 3M Brand Rejacketing Sleeves are a series of silicone rubber insulators incorporating inner-expandable polyester braid designed to reduce sliding friction and deliver the insulator onto the cable.

Rejacketing sleeves are designed to protect three-conductor power cable phase legs from exposure to moisture, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet radiation, physical contact and other hazards associated with the termination operating environment.


Product Specification

  • (Silicone Rejacketing Sleeve/Dark GreyBoot/QT-II 8 Skirted Version)
  • *Cable Insulation Outer Diameter
  • **Up to 33KV Indoor Application

Kit Number Cable Insulation
Range (mm)
Cable OD
Range (mm)
Cable Condutor Size (mm²)
64-RS 41-4 MAL 21 - 34 (K8S) 49 - 79 70 - 120
64-RS 42-4 MAL 28 - 42 (L8S) 60 - 109 120 - 240
64-RS 43-4 MAL 33 - 50 (M6S) 66 - 119.4 240 - 300