Insulated Cord-End Twin Terminals

Insulated Cord-End Terminals
May 27, 2021
Insulated Pin Terminals
May 27, 2021

Insulated Cord-End Twin Terminals


Product Description

The Insulated Cord End Twin Terminal made from 99.95% of pure high quality copper with a tin exterior finishing, insulated with nylon, is designed specifically to protect exposed conductors. Compliance with British Standard (B.S), Japan (JLS), Germany (DIN) and United States of America (ANSI).

Insulated Cord-End Twin Terminal

Item Code Colour SystemWire Range
Dimension (mm)
DSSB-CNT-CT205008OrangeWhiteWhite2 x
DSSB-CNT-CT207508White BlueGrey2 x 0.751.82.8/5.0158
DSSB-CNT-CT210008YellowRedRed2 x 12.053.4/5.41580.3
DSSB-CNT-CT215008Red BlackBlack2 x 168
DSSB-CNT-CT225010BlueGreyBlue2 x
DSSB-CNT-CT240012GreyOrangeGrey2 x 43.74.9/8.82312
DSSB-CNT-CT260014Black OrangeYellow2 x 64.86.9/10.02614
DSSB-CNT-CT210014IvoryBrownRed 2 x 106.47.6/12.826.5140.5
DSSB-CNT-CT216014Green IvoryBlue2 x 168.39.6/18.631.5140.3