Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) LV

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June 7, 2021
LV Cut Out Fuse Switch Disconnector 100A
June 8, 2021

Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) LV


Product Description

The Insulated Piercing Connectors(IPC) Low Voltage(LV) is used for all connections of insulated aluminium and copper main and branch conductors, it enables hot line installation. Our product offers a simple installation, small contact resistance which keeps the clamp's temperature low. The body of the IPC is made out of high quality thermoplastic that is ultra-violet (UV) resistant, water proof, and protected against corrosion.

Product Description Materials
Body IPC Thermoplastic
Bolt M8 / M10 Steel
Overtorque Sheer Head Steel
Flat Washer M10 Steel
Insulation Thermoplastic
Piercing Teeth Brass
End CapThermoplastic



Item Code Item Conductor Size (mm²)Purppose / To Connect
Main mm²Branch mm²From...LineTo...Line
DSSB-ABC-IPC1M95-16IPC195 ~ 1625 ~ 10Sub Main & Serv.Services
DSSB-ABC-IPC2M95-70IPC295 ~ 7095 ~ 70Sub mainSub Main
DSSB-ABC-IPC3M185-120*IPC3185 ~ 120185 ~ 70MainMain/Sub Main
DSSB-ABC-IPC4M185-120/25-10IPC4185 ~ 12025 ~ 10MainServices
DSSB-ABC-IPC6M16-70IPC616 ~ 701.5 ~ 6Street Lighting
DSSB-ABC-IPC7M70-185IPC770 ~ 1851.5 ~ 6Street Lighting
DSSB-ABC-IPC8M70-95IPC870 ~ 956 ~ 35Sub Main Pole Fuse/St. Light
DSSB-ABC-IPC8AM120-185IPC8A120 ~ 1856 ~ 35MainPole Fuse/St. Light



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