Insulated Pin Terminals

Insulated Cord-End Twin Terminals
May 27, 2021
Non-Insulated Blade Terminal (Flat Pin)
May 27, 2021

Insulated Pin Terminals


Product Description

The Insulated Pin Terminals is made up of 99.95% original pure copper (Cu), electroplated with tin (Sn) to prevent any corrosion from happening. It is mainly used to protect the wire from over tightening which will give a reliable electrical connection. The insulation use is made up of polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) which helps prevent wire damage in bending application. The insulated pin terminals is compliance with British Standard (B.S), Japan (JLS), Germany (DIN) and United States of America (ANSI).

Insulated Pin Terminal

Item Code Wire RangeDimensions (mm)
ColourSingle (mm)TwineAWGΦFLB
DSSB-CNT-PIN1.25Red0.57 - 1.440.25 - 1.6522 - 16222.510.4
DSSB-CNT-PIN2Blue1.14 - 1.821.04 - 2.6316 - 14222.910.4
DSSB-CNT-PIN5.5Yellow1.82 - 2.892.63 - 6.6412-Oct2.727.313.5




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