Insulation Rubber Mat

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August 18, 2021
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September 9, 2021

Insulation Rubber Mat


Product Description

Our Switchboard Rubber Insulation Mat meet the latest IEC61111:2009 standard and ASTM D635-14 (Flammability Test)

Our Non-Conductive Switchboard Mat are used as floor insulation in area of low and high voltage application for the safety of workers from electrical shock.

Our Switchgear Rubber Insulating Mat are also flame-retardant.

Some of the Electrical Safety Matting have an anti-slip surface. (Diamond and Corrugated pattern)


• Electrical Switchgear.

• Switchboard Mats.

• High Voltage Insulating Rubber Mats.

• Electrical Safety Matting.

• Low Voltage AC Panel.

• DC Distribution Panel.

• Relay Panel Matting.

• Control Panel Matting.



Item CodeDimensionClassRecommended To
Use Up To
Surface Design
(Low Voltage)
5mm x 1000mm x 10000mm01.0 kVBlack
(Damond Plate)
DSSB-SA-RM-7.5kV9mm x 1000mm x 6000mm17.5 kVBlack
DSSB-SA-RM-17kV8mm x 1000mm x 6000mm217.0 kVGrey
DSSB-SA-RM-36kV12mm x 1000mm x 6000mm436.0 kVGrey




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