Isolator Contact Grease

Electrical Joint Compound
May 29, 2021
Cable Ties (Nylon) Non – Releasable
May 30, 2021

Isolator Contact Grease


Product Description

The Hand-Help Crimping Tools are designed and manufactured from high quality that is usually used while working with cable terminals. It has a scissor ratchet mechanism and also allows you to adjust the crimp force. Our product offers a lightweight and compact design which still retains the strength and durability of the tool.



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Product Benefit

  • ** vary wide operating temperature benefits
  • ** outstanding high and low temperature performance
  • ** extended relubrication intervals
  • ** excellent protection against fretting wear and corrosion
  • ** resistance to water washout
  • ** reduced energy consumption (low coefficient of friction)
  • ** lead and chlorine free

Data Sheet

Low temperature grease for all types of bearings, spur gears and worm gears, as well as valves in compressed air breakers. It is suitable for lubricating silver-plated contacts in air (e.g.., dis-connector contacts). It is also used for greasing nitrile o-rings and protection against fretting corrosion on circuit-breaker.