Legend™ LHS Premium Heatshrink

Fox® PVC Tie-on Cable Labels
March 10, 2021
Legend™ LSZH Ladder Heatshrink
March 10, 2021

Legend™ LHS Premium Heatshrink


Product Description


Legend™ Premium Flattened Heatshrink is manufactured to offer a consistently high grade heatshrink solution. It has a 3:1 shrink ratio that means each size covers a wider range of cable diameters.

Test Method
Low Temperature Test MIL-STD-810F Method 502.4
Elevated Temperature Test MIL-STD-202G Method 108A
Hydrogen Sulphide Test H2S Sour Gas Exposure (2% H2S)
UV Weathering Test ISO 4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1
Salt Mist Spray Test IEC60068-2-52 Test Kb Salt Mist (Cyclic)
Moisture Resistance Test MIL-STD-202G Method 106G
Chemical/Solvent Resistance Test Multiple Testing (Contact For Test List)


Technical Information

  • RoHS: Yes
  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Shrink Ration: 3:1
  • Min Shrink Temp: 90°C (full recovery)
  • Dielectric Strength: ≥37kV/mm
  • Printing Method: Silver Fox DTP-1 Thermal Printer
  • Thermal Ribbon: Silver Fox TSR3

Legend™ LHS Premium Heatshrink

Item Code Cable OD Ø Exp.
Cable OD Ø rec.
Rolls Length Pack Quantity Total Pack
Length (m)
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/3-1T(PF)Y 3 1 22 8 Rolls 176 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/4.8-1.6T(PF)Y 4.8 1.6 6 Rolls 132 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/4.8-1.6T(PF)W White
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/6-2T(PF)Y 6 2 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/12-4T(PF)Y 12 4 18 4 Rolls 72 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/24-8T(PF)Y 24 8 13 2 Rolls 26 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/39-13T(PF)Y 39 13 10 1 Rolls 10 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LHS/R/39-13T(PF)W White
Pre-Print Service Available Upon Request. Please Contact Us For More Details.