Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing

Legend™ 2 Part Labels (Laser Printing)
March 12, 2021
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March 20, 2021

Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing


Product Description


Legend™ Non-shrink tubing is made from a durable PVC. It offers a very low cost alternative to heatshrink. Its special oval shape grips the wire and holds the label in position. Also, as it does not need a heat gun to shrink it down, in hazardous areas no hot gun permit is required. Because of its low cost and speed of printing, it is also a powerful alternative to individual ferrules. Typical application would include any wire marking application in control cabinets/junction boxes etc.


White and Yellow. Other colours also available (depending on volumes).


Testing includes Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System and High/Low Temperature.

Test Method
Flame Retardant UL224
Fire Testing of Materials and Components for Trains -
Oxygen Index & Flue Gas Density
EN 45545-2



Print via Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer using One software, One printer, One ribbon for our complete range of thermal labels. In software choose length of label 10mm è 100mm. With Advanced and Professional levels run 2 rolls at a time. With Professional level print both ends at the same time.

Running 2 rolls, 300m thermal ribbon will yield approximately 23,000 x 25mm labels.


Technical Information

  • Material : PVC
  • RoHS : RoHS Compliant
  • Thermal Ribbon : TSR3/300
  • Network Rail : Authorised for Use

Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing

Item Code Cable OD Ø rec.
Roll Length
Total Pack Length
Pack Quantity Colour
DSSB-CIA-LNST2-1(150)TY 1 - 2 150 300 2 Rolls Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LNST2-1(150)TW White
DSSB-CIA-LNST3-1(100)TY 1 - 3 100 200 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LNST3-1(100)TW White
DSSB-CIA-LNST4-2(75)TY 2 - 4 75 150 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LNST4-2(75)TW White
DSSB-CIA-LNST5-3(50)TY 3 - 5 50 100 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LNST5-3(50)TW White
DSSB-CIA-LNST6-4(30)TY 4 - 6 30 60 Yellow
DSSB-CIA-LNST6-4(30)TW White
Pre-Print Service Available Upon Request. Please Contact Us For More Details.