Line End Clamp S9B

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June 15, 2021
Earth End Clamps S9A
June 15, 2021

Line End Clamp S9B


Product Description

The S9B Clamp (sometimes referred to as a phase or conductor clamp) is precision manufactured from a robust aluminum casting with stainless steel fittings at our manufacturing plant.

The S9B line end clamp is designed to hook onto the conductor to become self-supporting whilst the operating screw is tightened or loosened. For an alternative method of applying the portable earthing clamp, CE62 Snap-On clamp is also available.

The S9B clamp is available with a short, tapered ring type or ISO style operating screw and is suitable for a conductor range between 6.3mm and 38mm diameter.

All clamps are designed with the ultimate strength well in excess of normal working loads and are tested at normal loading before being approved for production.

These products have been mechanically and electrically tested to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.


Product Benefits

  • Tested to 17.5kA for 2 seconds (25kA/1s)
  • Solid construction for extended service
  • Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
  • Light weight and good corrosion resistance


    Line End Clamp S9B

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