Line End Clamps

Operating Sockets S9D
June 14, 2021
Earth End Clamps CE20/ESI-E1
June 14, 2021

Line End Clamps


Product Description

P&B Weir Electrical design and manufacture a large range of Substation Portable Earthing clamps for many applications. The design of all line end clamps is such that once hooked over the bus bar they become self- supporting whilst the operating screw is tightened or loosened. All types, whether sprung loaded or not should be applied by means of an operating socket attached to an insulated operating pole.

Substation Portable Earthing clamps should be inspected at regular intervals and prior to each application. All clamps should operate freely and moving parts should be lightly lubricated, springs should be protected by heavy grease and contact faces should be clean.


Product Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Precision machined for rigidity



    Item CodeClamp DiameterShort Circuit RatingMax Number of leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE22A/ESI-L110mm - 38mm17.5kA for 2 secs 1 lead
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE22 A+B19mm - 76mm17.5kA for 2 secs1 lead
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE2535mm - 75mm38 kA for 2 secs2 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE22B/ESI-L237mm - 76mm 17.5kA for 2 secs1 lead
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE22C/ESI-L360mm - 90mm17.5kA for 2 secs1 lead
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE15 90mm36.5kA for 2 secs2 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE27101.6mm17.5kA for 2 secs2 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE16/5/ESI-L4127mm only 50kA for 3 secs3 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE16/5.5/ESI-L5140mm only50kA for 3 secs3 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE51140mm - 160mm38kA for 2 secs2 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE50190mm - 200mm37kA for 2 secs2 leads
    DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE71220mm - 250mm17.5kA for 2 secs1 lead