Lockout Tags

Lockout / Tagout PVC Station
June 4, 2021
Electronic Plated Hasp
June 4, 2021

Lockout Tags


Product Description

The Lockout Tagout Tag is a useful tool to help protect the safety of the employees by informing that the machine/equipment is locked out of servicing and that no attempt should be made to operate/run the machine/equipment. It is used to ensure that proper procedures are followed and help to prevent any potential hazards to workers by acting as a warning tag.

  • Made from superior grade 0.7mm Polyurethane super white sheet.
  • Supplied with golden ring for extra strength for holding padlock.
  • Tags meets OSHA standards.
  • They withstand moisture / grease & dirt.
  • Size : 80mm x 140mm with chamfered top corners.