Non-metallic (UV Resistance) Cable Cleats

Trefoil Aluminium Cable Cleat
March 20, 2021
Aluminium Alloy Single Cable Cleat
March 20, 2021

Non-metallic (UV Resistance) Cable Cleats


Product Description

The Non-Metallic Single Cable Cleats are manufactured from high quality materials enabling it to be used indoor and outdoor. It is also specifically designed to limit both the lateral and axial movements, and to secure the cables in place without causing any further damage. All of our cable cleats are thoroughly tested in accordance with the international standard IEC 61914.


Product Benefits

  • No magnetism
  • No conduction
  • Extremely resistant against all kinds of chemicals
  • Easy to be installed
  • No sharp corners
  • Does not oxidize
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

Item Code Outdoor Material Cable Dia. (mm)
DSSB-CC-SNC18-27 UV FR 18-27
DSSB-CC-SNC28-42 UV FR 28-42
DSSB-CC-SNC43-56 UV FR 43-56
DSSB-CC-SNC54-76 UV FR 54-76
DSSB-CC-SNC74-88 UV FR 74-88
DSSB-CC-SNC87-102 UV FR 87-102
DSSB-CC-SNC103-116 UV FR 103-116
DSSB-CC-SAC117-138 UV FR 117-138

*FR = Fibreglass Reinforced


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