Operating Sockets OL1

Stainless Steel Labels (Emboss & Laser Type)
July 13, 2022
S9A Long Taper Earth End Clamp
September 5, 2022

Operating Sockets OL1


Product Description

P&B Weir Electrical Ltd manufacture Substation Operating Sockets, the OL1, using a light alloy material for both strength and ease of use.

These essentially support the line end clamp while being raised and lowered at the end of an operating pole and also rotate the operating screw of the line end clamp whilst being secured into position or being removed.

The OL1 Operating Socket is suitable for the Transmission Line Operating Poles.

Suitable for fitting Long Taper Clamps, Spring Loaded.


Product Benefits

  • Lightweight Alloy
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties
  • Adaptors available to convert operating poles types/fitting
  • Precision machined



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