Pipe Spacer

Portable Winch
April 12, 2021
April 12, 2021

Pipe Spacer

Item Code Spacer Hole
Size Max. mm
HDPE Double Wall Corrugated
Pipe Approx. Size
Diameter (Ø ID/OD)mm
HDPE Solid Wall PN 10
Pipe Approx. Size
Diameter (Ø ID/OD)mm
UPVC Pressure Pipes
Pipe Approx. Size
Diameter (Ø ID/OD)mm
DSSB-CLA-PS100C/P 126 mm 100 mm/120 mm 90 mm/110 mm 100mm/115 mm
DSSB-CLA-PS150C/P 178 mm 150 mm/175 mm 133 mm/160 mm 155mm/169 mm
DSSB-CLA-PS200C/P 276 mm 200 mm/235 mm 165 mm/200 mm 250mm/273 mm

Technical Description:

Technical Details:
** High Compression Strength
** Low Co-efficient of friction
** High Impact Strength
** High Hardness Level

Product Features:
** Uniform Support to Weight of Pipe
** Chemical resistance
** Electrical Insulation
** Dimensional Stability
** Corrosion Protection
** Keeping various pipes separated
** Modular design
** Easy to assemble
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