Plug / Pneumatic Lockout-Box

Plug / Pneumatic Lockout – Cylinder
June 6, 2021
Arc Suit
June 7, 2021

Plug / Pneumatic Lockout-Box


Product Description

The Plug/Pneumatic Lockout is an essential addition to any electrical LOTO kit, offering up to 4 worker lockout to ensure a collective decision needs to be made before unlocking. This device offers a safe and effective method for locking out machinery by encasing plugs to prevent them being plugged in. The unit fits the complete plug within it, with the cable being fed through the access hole. Specifically designed to be large enabling plugs of all sizes can be secured.

  • The injection molded superior grade PVC lockout specifically meant to hold inside all kind of sockets that are attached to the chords of various thickness.
  • Use with any padlock to keep equipment from being plugged in accidentally.
  • Ensure that the plug can't be used until the lock is removed.



    Item CodeCable/Hose




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