Portable Earthing and Short Circuit Device for the 3rd & 4th Rail

Subway Earthing and Short Circuit Mobile Device for 3rd Rail
April 27, 2021
DEP Short Rail Earth
April 28, 2021

Portable Earthing and Short Circuit Device for the 3rd & 4th Rail


Product Description

Railway/subway earthing is a process to current-proof conductive components, return circuit and overall earth-termination system. Hence, railway safety earthing equipments are necessary to protect people and equipments from any stray voltage transmission in case of an incident in the railway environment. In accordance to IEC 61230, this device has 95 mm² cables' section so that it can sustain a ICC of 40 KA for 0.25 second; 30.3KA for 0.5 second and 21.4KA for 1 second.

The portable earthing and short circuit device kit consists of:

  • ** Brass clamp, DIN tail, with screw tightening and handle; clamp capacity on rail contact from 60 to 95 mm.
  • ** Fiberglass insulating stick in epoxy resin. Length=1,5 m configuration in 2 elements, to be assembled through coupling with ''simplex'' stop ring. End cap and hand guard.
  • ** Extra flexible copper cable, sec. 95 mm2, length 3,5 m covered with transparent silicone sheath
  • ** Metal case for the storage and the transfer of the device.
  • ** Aluminum and steel earthing clamps for the tightening to rails, with torque limiter available upon request.

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