Tab 2 Cable Slab
November 10, 2016
Tab 4 Termination Kit
November 10, 2016

Tab 3 Stainless Steel Band System

BANDIMEX STAINLESS STEEL BANDING SYSTEM is a flexible band clamping system which is available in various widths and in two material grades to suit a broad range of applications and environments. One of the key benefits of this system is the fact that the production of individual, strong and tailor-made clamps elimates the need for a large stock of different sized clamps.

Using the Bandimex Tool, a roll of Bandimex Band and Bandimex Buckles, a clamp fitting each diameter and each shape can easily and quickly be applied at low cost. Bandimex continuous banding system connects clamps, fastens, secures or fixes hoses, pipes, cables, signs or boards.

All Banding has full rounded edge for protection when handling and can be double wrapped to provide almost 4 times the radial compression of single banding ideal for all those heavy duty applications.
November 13, 2017

Worm Drive Seal SS-CrNi

November 10, 2017

Band Width 14 mm, SS-CrNi

November 10, 2017

Band width 7mm Galvanized

November 9, 2017

Band Width 7mm

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