Tab 11 Earthing Accessories
November 10, 2016
Tab 12B Electric Arc-Flash Protection
December 2, 2019

Portable Earthing Equipment For Substation

Safety is the most important thing when working involving electrical. The Substation, Transmission, Distribution and Rail Safety Equipment provide the most suitable safety equipment to be used at the specific jobs. With safety as our priority, all equipment are build with the best quality materials to prevent and lower the injury.For more info please see the Catalogue provided.

Voltage Detector

The Voltage Detector is a device that are used to determines the presence/absence of an electrical charge in an object. An electrical worker uses the voltage detector to determine which power lines are live, which keep him safe, and which help him do his job accurately and efficiently.

Insulation Rubber Mat

Insulation Rubber Mat are used as floor insulation in area of low and high voltage application for the safety of workers from electrical shock. It is also used as essential safety flooring equipment to increase comfort underfoot, provide relief from fatigue, prevent slipping and absorb impact.

Substation Safety Equipment

Transmission Line Safety Equipment

Distribution Line Safety Equipment

Voltage Detector

Safety Insulating Rubber Mat

Emergency Equipment Kit

September 8, 2022

Wall Mounted Rescue Kit

September 8, 2022

Insulating Rescue Stick