Prolab® Self-Adhesive Equipment Labels

Prolab® Asset Labels
February 10, 2023
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February 22, 2023

Prolab® Self-Adhesive Equipment Labels


Product Description


The P/TAG label range is made from durable polyester with a special laser print receptive surface. A strong acrylic adhesive ensures long term bonding. Typically, they can be used for equipment/data outlets/patch panels etc. Size options are from 15mm x 6mm up to A4.

These labels are designed for internal use, as a guide to their durability, the final printed (white) label has been successfully independently tested for 3000 hours accelerated UV ageing.

The P/TAG/A4L and the PS/29730L Labels can be used to identify cabinets and also the panel designations within each cabinet.


  • Low Temperature : MIL-STD-810F Method 502.4 - 72 hours @ -40°C
  • Elevated Temperature : MIL-STD-202G Method 108A - 2000 hours @ 70°C to 100°C
  • Hydrogen Sulphide : H2S Sour Gas Exposure (2% H2S)
  • UV Weathering* : ISO 4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1 - 3000 hours
  • Salt Mist Spray : IEC60068-2-52 Test Kb Salt Mist (Cyclic)
  • * Limited external applications generally away from direct sunlight but may be suitable in control boxes etc. Labels generally for internal use such as, control rooms, power stations, substations etc.


  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Mauve
  • Clear


    Standard Laser Printer


    Technical Information

    • Material : Self-adhesive Polyester
    • Thickness : 50 micron
    • RoHS : RoHS Complaint
    • Printing : Standard Laser Printer


    Prolab® Self-Adhesive Equipment Labels

    Item CodeLabel Dimension (mm)Label Per SheetSheet Per PackLabels Per Pack
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1212L*12 x 12320103200
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1438L*14 x 388410840
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1506L*15 x 6504105040
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1512L*15 x 1224010 2040
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1608L*16 x 8360103600
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1709L*17 x 930810 3080
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/2008L*20 x 8270102700
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/2207L*22 x 7288102880
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/2412L*24 x 12160101600
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/2610L*26 x 10161101610
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/3007L*30 x 7210102010
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/3030L*30 x 3040104010
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/3318L*33 x 1865106500
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/3812L*38 x 12100101000
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/4809L*48 x 9112101120
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/5522L*55 x 223310330
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/6036L*60 x 362110210
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/29730L*297 x 3071070
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/A5L*210 x 148.521020
    DSSB-CIA-P/TAG/A4L*297 x 21011010
    *Pre-Print Service Available Upon Request. Please Contact Us For More Details.
    * Also available in pack of 100 e.g. P/TAG/1506L(100)

    Colour AvailableColour CodeCode Example
    Yellow -YDSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1212L-Y
    Green -GDSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1212L-G
    Brown -BRDSSB-CIA-P/TAG/1212L-BR
    -Specify Colour at the end of the Item Code
    -Or use the colour functionality in Advanced/Professional and a colour laser printer