Prüfball SPB Analog

Prüfball SPB Digital
May 19, 2021
Multisafe DSP 4
May 19, 2021

Prüfball SPB Analog


Product Description

The Prüfball SPB analog is a rubber-encapsulated voltage tester for safe use in any electrical field to detect live equipments/wires due to its high accuracy and maintenance-free operation. The voltage detectors display precise voltage of 20 - 500 V AC/DC, 50-1000V AC/DC with clear LED indicator for dangerous highvoltage. The one-piece casing for the voltage detectors are made out of high quality solid rubber with properties such as it being extreme voltage-proof, unbreakable, dustproof and waterproof. The test electrodes of the Prufball SPB Analog comes with a thread to allow screwing on accessories.


Product Benefits

  • ** One-piece safety casing made of solid rubber, extrememly voltage-proof, unbreakable, dust- and waterproof.
  • ** Easy operation, clear indication.
  • ** Phase, phase sequence and continuity tester, RCD-tripping.
  • ** Reliable phase sequence test by microcontroller analysis, possible with gloves.
  • ** Without battery, maintenance-free lifelong
  • ** CAT IV, 1000 V

Type Item Code Phase/Phase sequence test Continuity test Additional load 30 mA-RCD-tripping Vibration induction for load Acoustic indication for load
SPB 500B 50-500 V DSSB-RSE-VT-81411 Yes Yes - - -
SPB 1000B 50-1000 V DSSB-RSE-VT-81414 Yes Yes - - -
SPB 500PR 50-500V DSSB-RSE-VT-81401 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
SPB 1000PR 50-1000V DSSB-RSE-VT-81404 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
SPB 500PRA 50-500V DSSB-RSE-VT-81402 Yes Yes Yes - Yes