Single Hole Cable Cleats-A

Single Hole Cable Cleats-B
March 20, 2021
GC Cable Cleats-Single Power Cable
March 20, 2021

Single Hole Cable Cleats-A


Product Description

The Single Hole Cable Cleats - A are made out of low density polythene which provides properties such as, incredible resistance to sunlight and bad weather conditions. This cable cleat is suitable for low voltage(LV), medium voltage(MV) , and high voltage(HV) cables up to 24mm in diameter. The installation of the single hole cable cleat - A is fairly simple and easy to be installed as it requires a single bolt fixing.

Item Code Cable Dia. (mm)
DSSB-CC-SHCA105 10.5 - 14.5
DSSB-CC-SHCA122 12.2 - 16.7
DSSB-CC-SHCA146 14.6 - 19.8
DSSB-CC-SHCA180 18.0 - 24.0

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