Stainless Steel Cleats For Trefoil Power Cable

Stainless Steel Cleats For Single Power Cable
September 29, 2023
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October 24, 2023

Stainless Steel Cleats For Trefoil Power Cable


Product Description

The Stainless Steel Cable Cleats for Trefoil Cables are to be used when the highest level of protection in extreme environments and under high short circuit fault are required.

Advantages :
  • Unbroken folded edges gives double strength.
  • Smooth edges, eliminate the use of lining as it does not cut into cable outer sheath.
  • Tested to have extremely high properties of 120kA RMS, 264kA kA peak.
  • Material 1.5mm Marine grade SS316 with folded sides.
  • Offer Lateral and Axial Movement result due to unbroken sides of the edges.
  • Non-Magnetic

    Item CodeCable Outer
    Diameter Range
    Fixing Hole
    DSSB-CC-SST20 20-25 6560M8
    DSSB-CC-SST26 26-32 7574.9M8
    DSSB-CC-SST33 33-38 9986.9M8
    DSSB-CC-SST38 38-44 108102M8
    DSSB-CC-SST45 48-50 112115M8
    DSSB-CC-SST51 51-55 128117M8
    DSSB-CC-SST55 55-60 133132M10
    DSSB-CC-SST60 60-65 145150M10
    DSSB-CC-SST65 65-68 150132M10
    DSSB-CC-SST69 69-74 165175M10