Standard Exothermic Welding Tools

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June 3, 2021
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June 3, 2021

Standard Exothermic Welding Tools


Product Description

Mould Cleaning Brush

Item Code: DSSB KTA 006

DSSB Mould Cleaning Brush is a tool consisting of a handle and brush. The brush is usually made from a large number of steel wire, brass or stainless steel depending on application. It uses to clean mould surface.

When cleaning stainless steel it is advisable to use a stainless steel bristle wire brush. Brass bristle brushes are used on softer surfaces or in potentially flammable environments where non-sparking tools are required.



Metal Bar Cleaning Brush

Item Code: DSSB KTA 003

For cleaning Flat surfaces of metal and Bar before putting into the mould.



Cable Clean Brush

Item Code: DSSB KTA 007

For cleaning Round conductors , earth rods and other circular object/ product.



Mould Scraper

Item Code No.:DSSB KTA 008DSSB KTA 009DSSB KTA 010DSSB KTA 011
For Weld Metal Powder (g)15 - 3245 - 90115 - 250above 300

Use for removing Slag from mould surfaces just after completing the exothermic welding process.



Flint Ignitor

Flint ignitor is used to ignite the ''Starting Powder/Material'' to start the exothermic welding process inside the mould. Flint ignitor has to be place a few inches away from the mouth of the mould so that the spark can ignite the ''Starting Powder'' easily.

There comes in small size and handy. The mechanical flint ignitors gives long service cycles. They produce a big sparks for ease of igniting the starting powder. The worn out flints can be replaced with new flints with minimal cost.