Substation Earth Leads

Earth End Clamps CE20/ESI-E1
June 14, 2021
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June 14, 2021

Substation Earth Leads


Product Description

P&B Weir Electrical Ltd supply Substation Earthing Leads with Aluflex cable for all earthing applications, all of our 150sqmm terminations are embossed with our name to ensure the highest quality. Aluflex earthing leads are produced from multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium with an extruded pvc sheath to protect the cable from damage.

The flexible aluminum earth leads come with tested and approved compression terminations and support sleeves which are used for connecting a line end clamp and an earth end clamp. The flexible conductor is of a circular cross section made up of commercially pure aluminium wires, giving a nominal section area of 150sq. mm.


Product Technical Details.

  • Aluminium is less heavier and expensive than copper
  • Light and flexible
  • Fully tested and approved to ENA 41-21
  • Available in any lengths on request

  • More Technical Details.

  • Aluflex Leads are designed to meet specific requirements of ENA technical specification 41/21
  • For use in Substations, 150EL is always used as a primary lead. 50EL Arctic Orange is used for Field Equipment Earths, and for the control of impressed voltages.
  • DSSB-SLE-PEE-150EL is suitable for the CE20 clamp. DSSB-SLE-PEE-50EL is a standards for other clamps.



    Item codeShort Circuit RatingCont. Current RatingSize
    DSSB-SLE- PEE-150EL25kA/1s & 17.5kA/2s350A150 sqmm