Transformer Gasket Amorim T&D

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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

Transformer Gasket Amorim T&D


Product Description

Transformer Amorim Rubberised Cork Gasket TF-PG is compounded with Nitrile ( NBR ) rubber. It is specially imported from Portugal.


Transformers, the products specifically designed and tested for the power transmission and distribution market. Our sealing materials are made with unique blends of cork, and select rubbers produce materials indicated for flat sealing applications.


Size Per Pcs:

ThicknessLength (m)Width (m)
2 mm1 m1 m
3 mm1 m1 m
4 mm1 m1 m
5 mm1 m1 m
6 mm1 m1 m
7 mm1 m1 m
8 mm1 m1 m
10 mm1 m1 m
12 mm1 m1 m