Transformer Rubberised Cork Sheet

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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

Transformer Rubberised Cork Sheet


Product Description

One of the most popular material used in the domestic market, that is highly suitable for power transformers and heavy engineering applications. Transformer rubberised cork sheet is made from fine imported cork granules that provides excellent oil, heat and ozone resistant properties. It's excellent compression set and side-flow properties control lateral spread tendency of an ordinary cork sheet and is therefore, best suited for outdoor transformers. We provide rubberised sheet size of 915mm x 915mm, 915mm x 610mm and 1040mm x 1040mm (1000mm x 1000mm) with the thickness as per customer request.

**Sheet Size : 915mm x 915mm, 915mm x 610mm and 1040mm x 1040mm (1000mm x 1000mm)

**Thickness: As per Customer request.


Grade : TG – 7715
Binder : NBR
Cork Grain Size : 0.5 to 1mm
Hardness IRHD (For classification only) : 70° ± 5
Tensile Strength (kgf/cm 2) : 15.80 Min
Flexibility (Thickness x 3) : No Cracks
Compressibility at 28 kg / cm 2 (%) : 25 – 35
Recovery ,% : 80 Min
Volume Change after Immersion in ASTM : 15 Max
Oil No. 3 for 70 hoursoC , %


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