Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

Mushroom Panels & Switches Lockout
June 6, 2021
Plug / Pneumatic Lockout – Cylinder
June 6, 2021

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout


Product Description

The Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout is a safe and effective method for locking out circuit breakers. It is a handy device that makes it easy to secure circuit breakers at any workplace at anytime with an adjustable screw. It can be used on single and multi pole breakers and will be able to handle.

  • Safe & Effective method for locking out Circuit Breakers.
  • With Adjustable Screw.
  • It can be used on single & multi - pole breakers.
  • Handle size from 7.5mm to 15mm tall and 4mm to 8.9mm thick.




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