Universal Earthing Clamp With Handle

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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Universal Earthing Clamp With Handle


Product Description

Our Universal Earthing Rail Clamps are suitable for a number of current rail profiles, on the rail track of underground train systems up to 23.7 kA/1s. The construction of the universal rail clamps enables piercing of foreign layers on the rail foot or rail head, especially aluminium oxide, or helps to partially remove foreign layers, in order to obtain an optimum mechanic and electric contact. It is made out of copper alloy, tin plated for both the body and pressure piece with a fully-insulated handle.

Connection to: Flat conductors up to 20, ball diameter 25mm, round conductors 9-22mm, T-bolts 20mm
Anti-twist locking Yes
Max. short circuit current 33.5 kA/0.5s or 23.7 kA/1s
Standard IEC 61230
Temperature range -25°C up to +55°C
Material Clamp body Copper alloy, tin-plated
Material pressure piece Copper alloy, tin-plated
Material spindle Steel, galvanised
Material handle Hostalen
Cable lug connection M12
Material screw/spring plate/conical spring washer Steel, galvanised
Weight 0.78 kg
Special Feature:

T-bolts : Max Short Circuit Current 42 kA/0.5s or 29.6kA/1s

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