Wall Mounted Rescue Kit

Insulating Rescue Stick
September 8, 2022
Duct Spacer Board (DSB)
October 17, 2022

Wall Mounted Rescue Kit


Product Description

Wall Mounted Rescue Kit in sealed box with equipment and PPE.



  • Quick access wall-mounted rescue kit for intervention to rescue a victim in the event of an incident on or near a Low Voltage electrical installation.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.

  • Advantages

  • Rapid response to a victim facing an electrical accident.
  • Transparent, UV-resistant door makes it easy to see all components from the outside.
  • Storage and protection of components from dust, sea spray and splashes for outdoor use, weatherproof (IP54).
  • Lockable case to prevent the borrowing of material.
  • Great modularity, and possibility of adaptation according to needs (optional additional unit and possibility to organize the storage space with removable trays).



    Item Code Description
    DSSB-SSE-RKLV Large wall-mounted kit with equipment for low-voltage
    DSSB-SSE-RK25 Large wall-mounted kit with equipment for use up to 25kV
    DSSB-SSE-RK36 Large wall-mounted kit with equipment for use up to 36kV

    Contents of the complete RKLV wall-mounted rescue kit :
    Description Quantity RKLV (LV Version) RK25 (25kV Version) RK36 (36kV Version)
    Live working boots - size 45 1 pair
    Insulating gloves class 0 - size 10 1 pair
    Insulating gloves class 3 - size 10 1 pair
    Insulating gloves class 4 - size 10 1 pair
    Protective case for insulating gloves 1 unit
    Talcum powder 1 unit
    Contactless voltage detector 1 unit
    Telescopic insulating stick 1 unit
    Rescue hook for insulating pole 1 unit
    Insulating Mat, Class 0 : 0.6 m x 1 m 1 unit
    Insulating stool 36 kV 1 unit
    Adhesive barrier tape 1 unit
    Set of 2 adhesive posters on the door : identification of the model and instructions in case of facing an electrical accident 1 unit